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CarCountUK is now part of Carland

Are you wondering why you have landed here rather than CarCountUK, wondering how many cars left on the road or how rare is my car? CarcountUK was part of, which has now become part of our exciting new venture,

Everything in one place brings together hundreds of thousands of cars for sale from dealers all over the UK, including supercars, classic cars and rare cars. In addition, we have included all the car reviews originally created on but combined them with fresh new reviews left on to update our manufacturer and make/model results. Why not take a look and see how many cars we have like yours?

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Now you are here, we would love you to leave a car review, especially if your car is rare – it only takes less than 1 minute.

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We hope you enjoy the new Carland site and welcome your feedback. We hope to replace the CarCountUK feature just as soon as we can.